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7 beautiful, red, retro, electric scooters from the Belgian brand YDRA

What Ydra herself says about these scooters: 

Freedom on wheels

The YDRA Retro, that's freedom on wheels. With refined and timeless Italian design. This silent gem drives 100 percent electrically. And reaches 45 km/h. Ideal for driving to school or work. Or to spend wonderfully sunny and summer days.

Passion and romance are also ingrained in the Retro. The classic lines and the generous details in chrome are a feast for the eyes. And not just if you're nostalgic. Thanks to the 2 kW motor, the powerful lithium-ion batteries and the LED lamps for the rear light and direction indicators, you can drive straight into the future with the Retro. Electric and ecological.


Blissful sitting

You'll feel great floating through the streets on your Retro – on your own or in pairs. The 2kW motor and powerful lithium-ion batteries provide fantastic acceleration. You're at cruising speed. And you're also literally in the right place, thanks to the low, long, comfortable saddle.


Flexible charging

You can easily charge the removable lithium battery(ies) at home or at the office. You only need a standard 230-volt socket for this.



Our beautiful, red, Ydra Retro E-scooters

  • Are fully electric and let you explore our beautiful region completely silently

  • Reach a top speed of 45km/h

  • Have space for max. 2 persons 

  • Have a range of 80km

  • Require no special clothing

  • Our good weather guarantee makes it possible to rebook your reservation in case of bad weather



  • We rent our scooters per day

  • Rental price: €70/day​​

    • Including full battery, helmet, possible passenger and VAT​

  • Insurance (mandatory)

    • Deposit of €250/scooter (cash)

    • Insurance Own Damage €35/scooter

      You can find out more about these formulasread here.


  • Still this:

    • Possible passengers are at least 8 years old​

    • Driver must be at least 23 years old and have held a driving license category AM/A3 for at least 3 years

Book your ride

Our online booking page will be online soon


You can currently book via the channels below:​ 


Departure place

  • We depart from our home base:Herisem in Alsemberg

    • The site consists of the original paper mill, the cardboard factory, the associated farm (with grain mill) and a centrally located house with a former office.
      The whole is located in the middle of 16ha of meadows, fields and woods in the valley of the Molenbeek. 

  • The former cardboard factory is definitely worth a visit!

  • You can also end your ride with a nice dinner!

    • Don't forget to book in advance!


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